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Welcome to the Official So You Think You Can Quest Wiki!

Likely you have been brought here by links on the Landing Page or one of the Official "So You Think You Can Quest?" social media accounts, Reddit, roll20, or Twitch. While the website is being built, the wiki will be serving as development log, archive, and platform for people to get information about both the show and the game world in a comprehensive manner. Check out the links on this page to get an idea of what's going on.

If you're more of a watch and listen kind of person, then the Official "So You Think You Can Quest?" Youtube Channel is a great place to find video explanations of what "So You Think You Can Quest?" is all about.

Main Articles

The Official Game Map

If you are still getting oriented or back for the thousandth time, here's a handy list of articles for that are the most frequently updated and contain crucial "So You Think You Can Quest?" and they have been organized in order of recommended reading.

  • The About Page is a good place to get the broad strokes of what "So You Think You Can Quest?" is set out to accomplish. The Mission Statement is available here.
  • The FAQ is here to answer a lot of your questions in short order. Please read before contacting staff or posting on the official public Discord server.
  • Getting Started -Yeah this link is at the header as well, but its never too late or too early to get started. Its free, and you could play and win prizes. What do you have to lose? Nothing. Fill out an [ Application] and start Questing!
  • [1] The Table of Contents- Here's every page on the wiki with a one sentence or more description organized into primary categories, this should give you a clear snap shot of everything there is, or help you navigate if you are looking for specific information in a hurry.
  • The Game Mechanics Page is probably the most frequently updated and expanded article, it details exactly how this whole contest actually works and all the rules be them for the game show aspect or the Dungeons & Dragons homebrew.
  • Hope's Rise (pictured to the right), is the name of the town-become-city that this entire game centers around, and this article also contains a constantly updated game map with points of interest and past encounter locations (pictured to the right). If you want to be relevant and understand exactly what unique set of problems your characters are likely to be warped into, this is a good article to read.
  • The World of Aedalon is where all of this takes place. It is of course custom made for this contest.
  • The Quest article talks about the current over-arching goal of all of the player characters.

Current Charity: Extra Life

A minimum 15% of all donations or income generated by "So You Think You Can Quest?" goes directly to community picked charities. This includes all Patreon, merchandise, advertising, sponsorship, or direct donations. The Library of Legend and Hall of Heroism chronicle the adventures of "So You Think You Can Quest?" contestants as well as the charity fund raising it is able to accomplish each month.


Official Discord Server Link is: Here  Please read the Disclaimer Page before joining the Official Discord Server.

"So You Think You Can Quest?" Also has public and private Discord Channels available for the casually interested and its dedicated Patrons who are looking for a unique Dungeons & Dragons experience. Behave yourself though, your presence is not a right and "So You Think You Can Quest?" reserves the right to ban you at any time without given cause.

What's New?

This whole thing! As of the massive September update, every page of this wiki has been edited and expanded to get ready for the October launch of "So You Think You Can Quest?" in its new and improved open Beta Format. For starters though you might want to check out:

  • The Crafting System, for a look at the exclusive in game system players can use to both build items of immense power and hold their seat if they know they aren't going to be able to make it next time. Put your idle time to good use, and learn to craft just like real life, now that is what I call immersion!
  • The Glyphs of Power are going to be an essential part of your survival, every Player Character is capable of imbuing immense magical properties onto their equipment to make one of a kind items only they can use.
  • The Zodiac of Aedalon Is brand new and will be a part of every Player Character's life.

Fair Usage Disclaimer

The name "So You Think You Can Quest?" has no association with any other Brands or Companies and any existing similarities exist only as coincidence or intended use as that of Parody and not one of appropriation. It has no inherent association with, and is not intended to infringe upon or in any way diminish any existing copyrighted material of a similar name. "So You Think You Can Quest" has NO official association with the Dungeons & Dragons brand, and it does not represent it, or any products associated with it in any official capacity. "So You Think You Can Quest?" demonstrates a product in a state of use and in no way charges access to or claims ownership over any intellectual property developed by any other individuals or businesses.
All works developed for "So You Think You Can Quest?" are licensed under the Creative Commons Copyright License BY, SA, NC.