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This article is dedicated to detailing past, present and future Charities "So You Think You Can Quest?" will be raising money for! 15% of all income and donations generated by all "So You Think You Can Quest?" related media and merchandise is donated to rotating monthly charities. As "So You Think You Can Quest?" grows in user base it will also be conducting unique fundraising events as well as having special days and times where 100% of donations go straight to the currently selected charity. It is the firmly held belief of the creator of "So You Think You Can Quest?" that tabletop gaming is a cooperated communal experience where those involved are working together to accomplish a form of improvised art, this cannot be done without a community to participate in. Much like oral traditions among crafts and cultures, for table top gaming to thrive requires a necessary passing of the torch and fostering of the very neighborhoods and people that make up its participants.

In short, it is the duty of anyone who benefits from the community, to give back to the community.

-Important Note: Unless otherwise specifically stated so, "So You Think You Can Quest?" in no way officially represents the charity organizations that it is fund raising for, nor does it share any official relationships or partnerships with said organizations.

Current Charity October 2020: Extra Life

Extra Life is a charity that allows the gamers of all kinds to donate towards helping children in need at local hospitals all over the United States. It has been around for over a decade and raised millions for children who need it the most. "So You Think You Can Quest?" will be fundraising for it all throughout October and perhaps November as well in support of their November 7th 2020 Game Day

Future Charity

"So You Think You Can Quest?" will be conducting community polls in order to determine what noble cause it will be helping support next. Become a Patreon and get involved in selecting who needs our help the most!

List of Past Charities

Not Available, the Open Beta is just now launching, give us some time.