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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page for "So You Think You Can Quest?" This article exists to help you immediately or eventually answer any questions you may have about the game, community, or any related topics.

What is this?

The the wiki for "So You Think You Can Quest?" a live streaming game show that uses the tabletop roleplaying game Dungeons and Dragons to pit contestants against an unforgiving game world and even each other as they compete to win precious stones and cash prizes. For more info, please see the About Page.

How Does this Work?

You fill out Application Form and once you've received confirmation, show up to the official "So You Think You Can Quest" Discord Server and check in anytime between 12pm and 6pm on any Sunday or Tuesday for an absolutely free chance to be drawn to play some world class Dungeons and Dragons and compete with others for real cash prizes. Accomplish goals, win money. It is just that simple. If you would like to see if you're eligible for our VIP Guest Seat for an evening please contact "So You Think You Can Quest" Here with information about yourself and why you think you or your organization deserves to skip the line for an evening that spotlights your presence with the much coveted 5th Player Seat.

-You will need Roll20, Discord, and Twitch accounts, but these are all completely free and take only moments to sign up for. For more detailed instructions, please see Getting Started.

This sounds like work, why bother?

Here is a list to spell it out for you:

  • To play it takes less than applying to be in most online Dungeons and Dragons groups.
  • It is FREE. You have the chance to WIN MONEY. It doesn't take a wizard to figure that one out. You have a chance to win money and precious stones as trophies and play Dungeons and Dragons hosted by a professional DM with over 20 years of table time under his cloak, which alone starts $25.00 per person for basic campaign services.
  • You don't even have to make a character. All you have to do is show up.
  • You get to impress a crowd of strangers with your wit and cunning. If you are who you say you are, you could become an internet sensation by crushing your foes and fate alike.
  • It is likely to be a lot of unabashed FUN. You know, that thing people like doing.
  • You might meet people! What if you meet your soul mate while Questing, and then you find a magic ring, and you give it to them, and you die, and they go on to win, and everyone is like "OMG THAT IS SO ROMANTIC," and you get like a million talk show appearances for your nobility, and then they fall in love with you because you're famous now. Then you go on to be even more famous than the dumb show that started the entire mess and you get to make the entire internet eat out of your hand on an influencer account that generates you free money FOREVER. Can you afford to not play this game?
  • Actually, never mind, you're right, get out of here. This is probably a thing for real gamers. Sorry for the mistake.

Are There Any Limits on Who Can Play?

The "So You Think You Can Quest?" Application Form does not collect any information that relates to or indicates any gender, sex, nationality, religion, age, or race. So long as contestants can show up, communicate effectively, and treat each other with respect, they will always be a welcome addition to the community. In short, anyone can play, and everyone is welcome.

What Does this Look Like?

You are likely going to see this map quite frequently.

The show premiers on Sunday October 11th 2020, after which you will be able see the last 30 days of episodes on the Official "So You Think You Can Quest?" Youtube Channel. For full access to all its episodes as it continues to air, consider becoming a One Dollar Patron. In short though, it has the familiar look of other Dungeons and Dragons podcasts, the Dungeon Master's face overlaid on top of maps that have been made for use with tokens that keep track of characters, NPC's and Monsters alike. Depending upon the contestants selected, likely their faces will also be present as well via webcam.

Is There Any Limits on The Number of Times I Can Play?

Only the luck of the draw limits you! Whenever you are eliminated, you go right back into the available Player Roster for that the remainder of that evening and any future games you make yourself available for. If you would like to increase the odds of being randomly selected for play you can do so by becoming a Patron.

What Makes this Different from a Normal Dungeons and Dragons Game?

"So You Think You Can Quest?" is being run by a professional Dungeon Master with 20+ years experience, it features a hundreds of unique random encounters, its a proprietary crafting system, Zodiac, a unique Game Setting developed exclusively for the one of a kind format. Oh, and its own system of Glyph Magic for use in both puzzle solving and item enchanting that is based on real arcane calligraphy! If you win the prizes, you are even getting paid while you play (and thus instantly increase your gamer cred).

Can You Compare This to Something?

Imagine Dungeons and Dragons, Nethack, Diablo, Dark Souls, and the Legend of Zelda had a child with Most Extreme Elimination Challenge.

Did You Say This is a Beta?

"So You Think You Can Quest?" is still in development, and while it will always be evolving to create a better experience for its players and the community at large, it is recognized that there are likely many rules and systems that will have to be implemented before it can run smoothly and do exactly what it has been created to accomplish. Though it is likely far closer to its finished form than not, "So You Think You Can Quest?" is using the term Beta in good faith to let the community know that things might still be a little rough around the edges, and that if they have any questions or concerns, "So You Think You Can Quest?" would like to hear about them to make sure the get addressed adequately in the development process.

I would like to Contact "So You Think You Can Quest?" how do I do that?

The best way is to send an email Here or reaching out through the official Discord Server which is available to the public. There is of course also any of the Official "So You Think You Can Quest?" social media accounts.

-Please Note the accounts listed above are the ONLY accounts officially associated with "So You Think You Can Quest?" and any other accounts claiming to be or making claims about "So You Think You Can Quest?" are not necessarily endorsed or condoned by its staff. "So You Think You Can Quest?" is not responsible for any claims being made by accounts not presently listed.

I haven't heard back from my inquiry?

There are only so many hours in the day, and rest assured that if you haven't received an acceptance letter for your application, an answer to your question, or a response to your other inquiries, please re-submit your forms or emails to Farscribe@soyouthinkyoucanquest.com after a period of 5 business days has transpired. In the event that there is a breakdown in communication and your outreach to "So You Think You Can Quest?" goes unresponded to know that this is not the goal or intention of the creator and in no way reflects an active dismissal or denial of any inquiries made.