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"So You Think You Can Quest?" is a live streaming Dungeons and Dragons based Gameshow that uses Twitch, Roll20, & Discord to bring together would be adventurers from all over the world and test them against a game world designed for their destruction. If you would like to get started immediately, then please see Getting Started, this article is dedicated to giving a short impression of exactly how this concept came to be, where it is at, and where it is going. For answers to more practical questions, please see the FAQ or the Summary of Game Mechanics

Dungeons & Dragons Game Show

-First, it is important to note that while "So You Think You Can Quest?" is a game show that features the use of the table top roleplaying game Dungeons and Dragons, it is in no way officially associated with the brand or any of its parent companies. "So You Think You Can Quest?" claims no rights over ownership over Dungeons and Dragons, and uses heavily modified versions of its rules for the purposes of its format. It in no way profits from the sale of, or credit for, anything affiliated with Dungeons and Dragons. "So You Think You Can Quest" demonstrates the use of it as a potential use for a product after it has been heavily modified from its original source material and does not charge money for access to any intellectual property owned by or associated with Dungeons and Dragons or its parent companies. For more information, please see the Disclaimer Page for more details on this.

"So You Think You Can Quest?" is format where up to five people at a time can play Dungeons and Dragons over the internet using various streaming and mapping applications to test their wit, skills, and luck in a game where they are given randomly generated characters and tasked with exploring and defeating all the obstacles that await them in towns, the wilderness, and fortified subterranean lairs. Each session features a daily prize of different rotating precious stones hand selected from the private stock of a local lapidary, all the while the game itself has over arching community goals that span between sessions that reward the contestants with cash prizes should they be able to persevere and triumph. As player characters are slain, new contestants are brought into the game as previous contestants return to the available Player Roster.

If a given contestant and their character survives until the end of a given session, they are extended an invitation to return to the next game, in the event they cannot return a new contestant is chosen from the available Player Roster for that evening. The game continues like this over the course of its run until players inevitably defeat the Final Boss and claim the Ultimate Prize which will slowly increase over time with the course of the game.


"So You Think You Can Quest?" is sole creation of Colin Ohnemus, and the concept itself is about three years in development. The first two spent actually coming up with the concept itself and how one would go about creating a format where a single Dungeon Master could effectively play Dungeons and Dragons with the internet at large. Year three was spent in Alpha and Early Beta testing while maintaining constant expansion of unique game content and world lore. "So You Think You Can Quest?" is the effort of a chef turned professional dungeon master to create a fun and inspiring competition for all of the world to compete in to see exactly what the expanded roleplaying community has to offer for cleverness and creativity.

A mixture of thousands of creative influences: old campaign modules, 20 years of homebrew, video games, popular culture, fantasy literature, movies, and a lifetime steeped in everything from the original Dragon Warrior at the time of release "So You Think You Can Quest" game world and the mechanics of its format were developed exclusively for this show and have never been used before, and will be left behind when it one day moves on to Season 2 in a whole new game world. The story of its creation is recent and on-going, the first draft of its map and pantheon were made in October 2019, the actual format itself was finalized as a gameshow with rotating contestants around the same time.

"So You Think You Can Quest?" is born out of the work of someone constantly asking the question of "What's Next?" Everything else is just a matter of creative expression.

Mission Statement

"So You Think You Can Quest?" seeks to be an ever-growing community dedicated to advancing art, strategy, and altruism. Constantly pushing the boundaries of what players are capable of in never before seen environments featuring uniquely immersive complexity. "So You Think You Can Quest?" seeks to fill the void necessary in order answer the question burning in the back of every adventurer's mind: "Am I the greatest?"

There must be a competition, a contest that is free to enter and renowned for its difficulty that pits players against an unforgiving world, with no plot armor keeping them safe from each other or the horrors of lurking evil. "So You Think You Can Quest?" is that contest. As we have in every sport ever created, let us gather together our greatest and see who emerges victorious if by nothing but the roll of the dice.

"So You Think You Can Quest?" believes to prove that regardless of individual achievement that it takes an entire community to overcome complex problems of sufficient nature. No one can do anything, no one can be everywhere, no one can escape the tides of chaos alone. We are are stronger together than apart. The gaming community has proven this time and time again as it has chosen growth and inclusion even within the bounds of something inherently competitive. The community would be nothing without competitors of all skill levels who are dedicated to advancing it as a way in which to learn, teach, grow, and apply yourself. "So You Think You Can Quest" is dedicated to harnessing the potential of the gaming world to create positively oriented community while becoming an engine to generate funds for charitable works in a transparent manner.