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  • Note: This article will be updated frequently as game mechanics are developed and refined, eventually this article will split into multiple sub categories once extensive clarifications/rulings are necessary or available. *

Though it uses Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, So You Think You Can Quest is also modified beyond standard play quite considerably by a number of factors both in and out of the context of the game setting of Aedalon itself. These modified or "homebrew" rules, combined with the competitive nature of play, requires additional structural formatting in order to both organize and distribute play for contestants. This article is structured in order of the necessary steps a contestant must take from an outside public position to engage, begin, and then accomplish play with integrity.

Getting Selected For Play

  • Please read the following in its entirety before considering play. *

Currently the Beta is open to the public, as are currently all resources associated with playing the game the best way to contact the developer is through or through the Twitch. account associated with So You Think You Can Quest via the messaging function. During live play, the Twitch. chat is not a great way to insure that you will get noticed and considered a legitimate You will then be given a link inviting you to the Discord server at which point you can participate in chatting with the rest of the community and be the first to know when things change and develop for the game.

=== Disclaimer: === Being by accepting the invitation to the Discord server associated with "So You Think You Can Quest?" you are agreeing that you have read and agree to the following:

You will participate in a community at the discretion of its moderator(s) and anyone officially associated with "So You Think You Can Quest," and that you are in no way guaranteed any given experience or standard of treatment beyond that discretion. You are also agreeing to participate in a civil manner that precludes comments marginalizing, harassing, threatening or directly isolating a given person's or people's nationality, race, gender identity, assigned sex at birth, religious beliefs, or political associations. You are agreeing that the discord, and any other form of participation with the "So You Think You Can Quest?" community is to be limited to discussion surrounding the game itself or topics of interest as they relate to "So You Think You Can Quest?" This game and its related forms of participation are in no way to be used as platforms to espouse personal world views or opinions as they relate to any given person's or people's nationality, race, gender identity, assigned sex at birth, religious beliefs, or political associations. Doing so can result in immediate disciplinary actions or removal from the community entirely.

No amount of money donated to "So You Think You Can Quest" is in any a form of payment for services to be rendered. There is no agreement between producers/developers and anyone who donates time or money to "So You Think You Can Quest" or purchases any materials associated with its play, brand, or representatives. At no point in viewing, playing, or participating in official community channels are you guaranteed a standard of oversight, product, or service unless otherwise guaranteed in another separate transaction agreed upon by bother parties in writing. Regardless of payment rendered in ANY transaction, service, access, or product can be terminated at any time without necessity for stated cause by anyone officially representing "So You Think You Can Quest?"

You are also agreeing to release ownership of any media produced on or relating to "So You Think You Can Quest?" in official community channels, and that "So You Think You Can Quest?" developers and producers have the right to re-produce any said media through other official "So You Think You Can Quest" currently existing and yet to exist as they relate to both the archival of, commentary of, monetization of, or other public purposes. You are agreeing that any audio, video, printed or spoken word, visual art, merchandise ideas, software, or any related product of your participation in the community is released in ownership directly to "So You Think You Can Quest" for the purposes of both reproduction, broadcast, development, monetization, or advertisement of "So You Think You Can Quest?" This includes all online, or physical assets of "So You Think You Can Quest?"

Getting Into the Game

Once you have installed Discord, have read and agreed to the above disclaimer/release, and have explicitly stated that you are interested in playing the game, you will be given a link inviting you to the game hosted on the Roll20 online application. After you have registered an account, the link will get you into the mapping application so that you can control your assigned character and participated in the play of the game officially. If you have yet to be assigned a character for play, that will only happen during live broadcast, and once there is and available player slot, and after you have been selected out of the roster of available players by whatever means deemed appropriate at the time of play.

Roll20 Contains all the information necessary as it relates to your character statistics in order to play your character and interact with the world, but there are additional rules to the format and concepts not stated on Roll20 or the Discord server that you will need and want to understand in order to play effectively or at all.

Object of Play

Have fun, play with good intentions.

"So You Think You Can Quest?" is at its heart a gameshow and thus the object for contestants is to accomplish state goals within the game world in order to win money or other prizes. This done not create a cutthroat attitude amongst contestants, but to help hone and select for the truest adventurers among us. This way as contestants vie for resources and achievements they there will be real and ever raising stakes at hand to make both creative, tactical, and improvised decisions based on their surroundings. The game is being developed in order to create a gaming challenge unlike any other available in the world online or otherwise. In SYTYCQ, you will have to solve problems in an ever changing non-linear environment and narrative that uses hundreds (and growing) of possible random encounters including but not limited to:

orcs, goblin, kobolds, drakes, undead, demons, devils, angels, elder creatures, thieves, mercenaries, soldiers, merchants, kidnappings, supernatural weather, soul-rending antagonists, murderous revolutionary circus monkeys, con artists, pick pockets, ruffians, knights, cursed knights, sentient swords, elemental creatures, pesky salesmen, underground gambling societies, corrupt officials, corrupt peasants, murderous versions of almost every conceivable object or creature, fantastical forest critters, grave sites, stables of magical steeds, underground ruins, above ground ruins, mage towers, ancient artifacts, pieces of alien material, ancient history, goddesses, mysterious languages of power, philosophical dilemmas, innocent bystanders, rude people, desperation, madness, starvation, paranoia, magic armor, charms, enchantments, spells, allies, lore, quest-starts, treasure, glory, opportunity, and adventures of a lifetime if you can survive long enough against and uncaring world to successfully overcome the root of all evil that plagues both the town and perhaps maybe even all of reality.

Using your solutions to problems presented you will grow in experience and resource be able to be there when your team achieves increasingly more difficult tasks for prizes of increasing value. If your issued character dies, and there is anyone currently waiting in the player roster, you will be removed from play until you are re-selected for play and issued another character.


The articles across this wiki will all address different aspects of the game and its mechanics itself, but for the sake of compiling a resource for new players, here are some things to keep in mind as you learn more about the nuances of the game.

  • This game takes place in a unique and exclusive fantasy setting entirely created for the purposes of the First Season of SYTYCQ.
  • While many familiar fantasy creatures will be present, the statistics provided in game manuals are not in anyway related to their statistics in SYTYCQ.
  • The world it takes place on is named [Aedalon]
  • The continent is named [Nemithera]
  • The town is [Hope's Rise]
  • You're adventuring company is known as the [Guild of Mazes]
  • This is [What You Know]
  • You will start with a basic pack of supplies, a small amount of gold, and close to other players.
  • Every 8 hour rest period, or overland travel exceeding certain distances across certain areas of the map will trigger Encounter Checks, determining what you will run into as you attempt to complete your quest.
  • Encounters ranges from tightly scripted to loose concepts designed to be modular towards ever changing circumstances of the game world
  • Expect Anything
  • It is more dangerous to travel: at night, certain sections of the wilderness, farther from town, in certain sections of town, at certain times of day, or without considering your actions.
  • Encounters are in no way gauged to your level or relative resources, they may be extremely beneficial or extremely mismatched to your ability to defeat them.
  • Caution is advised, but stagnancy will get you removed from play or at very least, left behind.
  • You are stronger together than separately


  • There are 5 player slots available for play
  • If you cannot attend, you lose your player slot and potentially your character.
  • The 5th player slot is reserved as discretionary for anyone, and a seat in it is not guaranteed based on attendence.
  • All items on a character at time of death are forfeit to their companions, all items lost and unaccounted for risk never returning to the game, unless they are otherwise noted to be permanent.
  • Player versus Player treachery is available, but ill advised.
  • Character Classes are unlocked through play, all will not be readily available.
  • You cannot have two of the same class in the same adventuring party
  • Experienced earned towards leveling does not roll over if the level cap is reached.
  • The level cap for adventurers is based upon the current [Quest]
  • The environment is fluid, to an extent randomly influenced by many possible variables, and reactive to player actions.
  • 15% of all donations go directly into the prize pool for the current [Quest]
  • 10% of all donations go directly to rotating charities.