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"So You Think You Can Quest?" is a live streaming Dungeons and Dragons based game show that uses Twitch, Roll20, & Discord to bring together would be adventurers from all over the world and test them against a game world designed for their destruction. If you would like to get started immediately, then please see Getting Started, this article is dedicated to giving a short impression of exactly how this concept came to be, where it is at, and where it is going. For answers to more practical questions, please see the FAQ or the Summary of Game Mechanics


"So You Think You Can Quest?" is sole creation of Colin Ohnemus, and the concept itself is about three years in development. The first two spent actually coming up with the concept itself and how one would go about creating a format where a single Dungeon Master could effectively play Dungeons and Dragons with the internet at large. Year three was spent in Alpha and Early Beta testing while maintaining constant expansion of unique game content and world lore. "So You Think You Can Quest?" is the effort of a professional Dungeon Master and chef to create a fun and inspiring competition for all of the world to compete in to see exactly what the expanded role playing community has to offer for cleverness and creativity.

A mixture of thousands of creative influences from old campaign modules, video games, popular culture, fantasy literature, and movies, the "So You Think You Can Quest" game world and the mechanics of its format were developed exclusively for this show and have never been used before, and will be left behind when it one day moves on to Season 2 in a whole new game world. The story of its creation is recent and on-going, the first draft of its map and pantheon were made in October 2019, the actual format itself was finalized as a gameshow with rotating contestants around the same time.

"So You Think You Can Quest?" is born out of the work of someone constantly asking themselves the question of "What's Next? Everything else is just a matter of creative expression.